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Art Visual Arts Culture Workshop. Culture Lecture Community Meeting. Shai-lee Yatziv, "In the not-so-far future we could specifically treat neuropathic pain" Gregory Peters-Founshtein, "Orientation in space, time and beyond - lessons from epilepsy and Alzheimer's patients" Ariel Goldstein, "Unconscious Reading" For more information: Between Privatization and Nationalization.

The initative grew out of tremendous loss and is motivated by the will to heal ourselves and our society. The circles are designed to create a "Meeting Place" between individuals from different sectors and cultures - a platform for connection, where individuals can initiate dialogue in partnership and tolerance, even in the face of controversy and divisiveness. On Tuesday, July 19, from 9pmam, we will mark the one year memorial of the death of Shira Banki with a special, expanded "Meeting Place".

We are hosting dialogue circles in three different locations in the center of Jerusalem: Kikar Tzion, Kikar HaChatulot, and Gan HaSus, each with a different focus, all united in creating respectful dialgoue and encounter with those who are different from us. Circles will incorporate music and singing, as well. A Meeting Place for Tolerance and Education These dialogue circles will involve conversation with the youth of Jerusalem.

Circles will incorporate music and singing from Alma Zohar and others musicians. May her memory be a blessing. Art Music Community Celebration. Art Music Culture Lecture Community. Many horrfic attacks occurred in this decade, three of them shook Israeli society and two ending in murder. Despite the progress we have made in the struggle for a tolerant soceity - our community still deals with frequent incidents of hatred, ignorance, homophobia and transphobia - on social media, television and within the Israeli leadership and parliament.

And now, less than a year had passed, we stand hoffiried from the massacre in Orlando, a hate crime that had taken the lives of at least 50 people in an LGBTQ club.

We join in pain and solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Florida and all over the world and call clearly from Jerusalem - together we shall overcome hate, wherever it be. This year we have also lost some of our friends who have decided to put an end to thier lives, including the fomer chiar of the Jerusalem Open House, bringing attention to the cruel reality our society creates for the trans people, along with the incompetence of the public social services and authorities.

A year when the Knesset dedicated a day for LGBTQ rights for the first time, but rejected LGBTQ bills one after the other, when millions of Shekels were devoted not for the welfare of the community - but for taking advantage of us is for the purpose of public relations.

Over the last few weeks, voices were rising to increase the protest and continuing the struggle for equal rights and complete freedom from violence. The Jerusalem Open House, and the March for Pride and Tolerance are committed to giving a stage to these important voices that call for a society that is pluralistic, equal, tolerant and free from violent.

Come with megaphones, with signs, with shirts. Come as you are from everywhere, and from every gender, identity, sexual orientation, origin and ethnicity, religion, age, family status, skin colour and social class. Come in all the colours of the rainbow to Jerusalem - to celebrate, to protest, to remember, to love. This year the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance will march for the 15th time and has become the lagest and most significant civil right movment in Jerusalem.

Lead by the Jerusalem Open House, It has been a decade and a half of presistant struggle for our exsistance in Jerusalem our city, for our equal rights, liberty, personal security and protection.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, a city where populations meet, a place where the social fabric is complex and fragile, the spiritual centre of the three monotheistic religions - and also the place where one of the most important LGBTQ struggles comes to, at the eyes of the Knesset members.

We will arrive in masses from Jerusalem and around the country. Together we'll prove the hatred and violence will not intimidate us, will not scare us away, will not discourage us. We'll fight the unjustified hatred with love. We'll answer the ignorance with tolerance. We will stand together, the free and pluralistic community in Israel, whoever believes in our right for equality and libery, at the close of one year after the hate crime, and say loud and clear: Arabic culture party Abraham Hostel's roof We believe in the message of peace and unity connection between Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, and the older to the younger generation.

We play on traditional instruments from the Middle East Oud , Kanun , Nay flute , Darbuka , Riq combining Western instruments like the violin and contrabbass. Ensemble Hallawat brings a new sound to the most famous songs from egypt, syria, turkey, kurdistan, and hebrew sacred chants from the jewish communities in arab countries. New Directions in Theories of Capitalism Conference. Conference For more information: Consumer capitalism has increasingly transformed emotions into commodities and it is this historical process which explains the intensification of emotional life.

It is argued that this historical process explains the intensification of emotional life in 'Western' capitalist societies since the late 19th century and more clearly in the second half of the 20th century. This hypothesis — that emotions have become commodities-- is related to the general historical process of dematerialization of the commodity and the rise of immaterial labor.

In offering this hypothesis, the conference aims to recast the conceptual history of capitalism and to claim that from WWII, and most decisively after the s', there has been a stable expansion of emotional commodities and of the type of labor associated with such new type of commodities. Come experience an artistic installation that explores one of our most common notions; Waiting This artistic installation is Natalie Avigdors graduate show, with the courtsey and support of Waxman office furniture.

The installation is exhibited from Nimrod Rinot is pleased to invite you to the reception for 10 years Montenegro Independence celebration and to the opening of the Montenegro's photo's exhibition by the art photographer Sharon Gabay. Few week ago, some searcher has just discovered the hidden site where Bus Shelter's sepulture are gathered up.

After some effort, gift and work the cemetery is finnaly opening his only hall. Come and visit this little and all new touristic site of the great city of Jerusalem. Success is never final, failure is never fatal. Information about the speakers will be announced in the next few days. Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images.

Art Visual Arts Culture Lecture. Cherie and Renno https: Art Performance Community Sale. Roundtable Talk Which Jerusalem? A largely-Jewish high-tech tourist destination with a minimal Palestinian presence. Thursday 28th July at 6. Art Performance Music Community. Red Axes x C. Oh, what a great banging is before you! Manuel Ferrara is an experienced stud that knows what he wants.

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Zidan The Block https: Little step-sister gets what she wants! How do we add our next event here? Make sure to come early to sign-up so you get your chance to get on stage! Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. Art Music Concert DJ. Come in all the colours of the rainbow to Jerusalem - to celebrate, to protest, to remember, to love. Saturday, July 30th Where? Oh, what a great-looking hottie is getting pounded in this so cool xxx story. Arabic culture party Abraham Hostel's roof This year the Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance will march for the 15th time and has become the lagest and most significant civil בחורות ארומות זין של כושי movment in Jerusalem.

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